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Bond Health Spa and Sauna in KL

Bond Spa (or Saboon Spa) in Kuala Lumpur

Bond Health Spa and Sauna in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Saboon Spa has changed name to Bond Spa in October 2015th. Even though there is a name change you will still see Bond Spa name throughout the premise. Everything else is the same regarding service and prices.

The video below shows you the quickest way to get to Bond Spa. All you have to do is get to the front entrance of Berjaya Times Square Mall which is super easy to find. Follow my same steps and you can get there on foot in 6 minutes. Bond Spa is on the 3rd floor.

A lot of local Malay men will tell you that Bond Spa is the best place to relax and find prostitutes from all over southeast Asia and China.

And they actually do provide full spa services. As a Bond Spa customer you will have full access to sauna, steam room, hot and cold pools. You can also make use of their sleeping capsules overnight. Or if you simply want to get back to your hotel within the Bukit Bintang area Bond also provide complimentary car service. But that's not all.

Plus there is an extensive food menu with local Malay and Chinese delicacy. It's all you can eat and once you sit down the friendly waiters or captains encourage guests to order drinks and food. There are televisions showing sports and newspapers to read plus even a room with computers for internet access.

So here's what it's like when you enter Bond Spa. You get in, you will be greeted by staff at the reception area. Don't be shy. There are women working at the front desk and even though they know you're a pervert they aren't there to judge you.

Bond Health Spa and Sauna in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

If you want to only pick out a girl for sex only, you have to tell them up front. Just tell them you want to see the ladies. A captain will then help you out. They will lead you out to the cafe area where the ladies are normally paraded around to show you what girls are available. Once you've picked out your lady the lady will take you to a private room for the 1 shot 45 minute sex session which cost about RM 198. Remember you pay up front if you're only there to have sex with the ladies and don't want to use the sauna facilities.

If you want to go enjoy the sauna, steam room, jacuzzi, food and drinks from cafe, followed by time with a 45 minute 1 shot alone time with hooker then say you want the full package and you want to use the sauna first. Bond Spas full package cost RM 238. You pay this amount plus the price of any ladies you've screwed when you check out and leave.

You can get traditional massage as well as spa services like facials and body scrubs at an extra cost. If are interested in those services you can find a price menu in the cafe. The cost for these extra treatments will also be paid when you check out.

For the full spa package you have a choice of leaving your valuables in a deposit box where they will hand you the keys. I normally don't leave my things in the deposit box as the locker rooms in my opinion is quite safe and secure already. Magnetic Locker Key and Safety Deposit Key - I wear the both of these during my entire stay.

Then you get an electronic locker key which also has the number of the locker. The number on your locker key is the same number the captains use to keep track of how many ladies you choose so you can be charged accordingly.

You will then be lead to your locker by an attendant where you can store your clothes and change into shorts and towels.To open your locker, you will need your electronic locker key and also the attendants. After you're all changed and ready the attendant will show you the way to the elevator where you have access to all of the facilities.

One thing I have to mention is that the G floor sauna and jacuzzi sections doesn't look particularly so clean. It might be the gray interior and the facility is kind of old. Except for the sauna room which I think was recently renovated from the time I went there a few years ago.

Bond Health Spa and Sauna in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

The jacuzzi waters looked clean though but the showers look a little bit scary. I recommend wearing your provided slippers even when you're showering. Who knows who just took a piss on the shower floor?

You can shower afterwards and from there change into some shorts and shirts provided. If you can't find your size, you can ask the attendants to get you set up. From here, there are disposable tooth brushes, shaving razors and even hair gel to get yourself all pretty.

Once you're all dried and primped you can head up to the 4th floor cafe area. In all of these types of health club establishments with hookers, customers usually pick out the hookers in the cafe area.

I say usually because you can also ask the captain to take you to the rooms where the girls are waiting. But usually, customers will be sitting down in the cafe area and if they want to see the ladies a captain will call the ladies to come down so they can take a look.

While at the cafe you can pick any chair at a table you want. I usually pick a seat in a quiet area. Once you've seated a waiter will come to take your order. You can choose to eat as many as you want, read a newspaper, have a smoke, snooze on the reclining chairs, whatever. The captains don't rush you and you can always take your time and relax. That's what I love about these places! Hell, you can even head back up for another round in the sauna room. You can pretty much do whatever you want in whatever order you choose.

Bond Health Spa and Sauna in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

When you're good and ready you can ask to see the ladies available. In Bond Spa you have a choice of China girls, Thai, Vietnam and even a Malay ladies. Chinese girls make up the bulk of their line up which is true of every health spas in KL. Most of the ladies arrive around 8pm though but from my experience you can still find a good selection anywhere from late afternoon to early evening.

Now if you're the kind of guy that can go 2, 3 or more rounds, Bond Spa's pricing structure is quite easy. The base price for spa and time with 1 hooker is RM 238. So let's say you've just had sex with your first hooker and you decide head back to the sauna again.

And you feel like you're up for choosing another girl. All you have to do is pay RM 198 for each additional lady.

When you're good and ready to leave you head back down to the locker room and tell the attendant you want to check out. He'll help you open your locker plus inform the front reception you're leaving and while you're getting dressed they'll take the time to calculate your total. And that's all.

It is quite straightforward and as a first timer it may seem awkward. But as you go more often you will be like a pro!

Bond Health Spa and Sauna in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Bond Health Spa and Sauna in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Bond Health Spa and Sauna in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Bond Health Spa and Sauna in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia


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